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Super Blood Full Moon Eclipse May 26th, 2021

24. May 2021

🌕 Full Moon Super Blood Moon Eclipse 
May 26th, 2021
7:13 AM EST 
Gemini ♊︎ Sun ☉ Sagittarius ♐︎ Moon ☾ 

Full Moon Square Jupiter

Venus Conj. Mercury Square Neptune

This full moon eclipse in Sagittarius highlights the themes of consciousness and the mind, our relationship to information, how we form beliefs and our needs for self improvement. This Gemini Sagittarius axes represents the inner tension of the lower and higher mind, opinions versus ideals, the reality of daily life versus hopes for the future, and the mundane scope of life versus idealistic projected views.

Eclipses heighten the intensity of the full moon with its themes, carrying them forward into the months ahead and accelerating our personal and collective lives. They relate to the nodes during the eclipse which brings our fate and destiny into question and thus eclipses can intensify experiences to bring us back to the chartered trajectory of lessons in our lives related to karma and dharma.

This Moon Sun polarization squares Jupiter which can bring tests in faith, indulgences and extremes in our attitudes, which can excite actions, and lead to excess in ways of thinking. Watch for inflexibility and self righteous attitudes during this period. Watch for the conviction you may feel with regards to your individual beliefs and how you impose them on others.

Venus and Mercury also square Neptune at this time which can further the disillusioned potential characterized by the next few weeks. We will also see this play out as well through collective values and polarized opinions. Mercury will also go retrograde in the next few days which will add to this confusion.

Gemini season reminds us to stay present and flexible as we relate with constantly changing information and the reality of daily life. This full moon eclipse rules the nature of learning which highlights the true Gemini Sagittarius integration which requires openness and inclusiveness.

This eclipse season will be paired with a 'ring of fire' solar eclipse on June 10th.

Many blessings Friends! ❤️ 

Love Samantha

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