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Spring Cleaning for the Whole You!

03. March 2019

Spring Cleaning for the Whole You!

As we edge towards Spring and the daylight lengthens by minutes per day, 2019 is shaping up for us to hold more light through our personal healing and growth journeys. The Rock Store, our services and programs welcome you into YOUR light by offering tools, teachings and support for your journey of discovering your unique expression in this life, including your “energetic” expression.

Our stones support the health of the human energy field, the bio-electric-magnetic field that surrounds and interacts with the body. This field contains the vibrational imprints of our history that can affect us in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ways, and for thousands of years, medicine people from around the world have focused healing practices that work on this energy field in addition to other treatments meant to bring us into health and wholeness.

Based on the work of Albert Villoldo (Shaman Healer Sage, One Spirit Medicine) and his decades-long immersion studying the healing traditions of the Americas, a gentle yet powerful set of “energetic upgrades” has been made available through the Rites of the Munay-Ki, which we are proud to offer at the store twice a year. The rites are delivered through a series of energetic transmissions conducted in sacred space, and they work exclusively to heal and transform the human energy field through simple practices.

“The rites hold the promise of transforming human consciousness in a rapid and precise way by re-informing the luminous matrix that organizes our body, our emotions, and our interactions with each other and the planet.~ Alberto Villoldo

Benefits from receiving the rites include letting go of the effects of stress, healing the scars of past traumas, and accelerating your expression as a healed, whole, creative, and wise person. The ultimate benefit is not getting stuck in years of perpetual self-healing work – the world needs YOUR light sooner than later!

Our Spring Munay-Ki session is about to kick off, so we invite you register for our Introduction to the Munay-Ki on March 9th. In this class, your Munay-Ki Mentor will give you an overview and history of this tradition and invite you to participate in how your future is calling YOU into your luminous self in 2019! For more information, see Munay-Ki Rites of Passage and visit munay-ki.org

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