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Saturn into Capricorn - Freedom within Structure

18. December 2017

Saturn moves into its home sign of Capricorn on December 19th and will stay there until the spring of 2020 when it begins to transition toward the next sign. As it shifts out of Sagittarius, we can feel like we are tying up loose ends from the lessons we learned the last 2.5 years- the ways that Saturn has asked us to restructure through this sign. You may notice some themes coming up again for a final clearing- take the opportunity to make the shifts necessary for your growth.


The planet of bottom lines, rules and restrictions, Saturn spends about 2 1/2 years in each sign giving us ample time to get clear on what we need to review in whatever area of our lives it is contacting.  

Whenever a slower moving planet switches signs, we collectively feel a shift in where the energies of that planet are focused.  Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, which is a much more comfortable place to be than when it was in Sagittarius, where it constricted our freedom and tested our faith.  The downside of a planet in its rulership is that it can get too comfortable and stuck in a rut.  Saturn in Capricorn is productive, hard working, knows the rules and uses them to achieve- but can also be severe, rigid, uncompromising and stuck in old traditions that no longer serve.  

This transit will bring hard work and a hard look at the area of your chart that Saturn is transiting through.  The benefit of Saturn is that it helps us get to the bottom line, the bare bones of what really matters and what it takes to achieve our goals.   It teaches the possibility of freedom within structure. Saturn will reward a job well done, but in the process it will strip away what is not functioning for us anymore. 

Towards the end of this transit, Saturn will meet with Pluto.  Together these planets deal with authority, power and control.  Pluto is the destroyer and Saturn can provide the new foundation to rebuild.  During this time we may see big changes in traditional power structures and in our own power dynamics. 

Saturn is the planet of austerity- it likes to take things back to the basics of what works and separates us from what doesn’t.  Sometimes this can feel challenging, constricting or frustrating but if we don’t have a proper frame, the picture can get lost.  

To find out where in your life you will be experiencing this theme of cutting away loose ends and building new structure, look for Capricorn in your chart.  The house (or houses) it rules will show you how you will experience this energetic shift.   Take this opportunity to build strong foundations and framework for your dreams! 

By Emily Todd

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