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Samhain Full Moon in Taurus Oct 31st, 2020 - The Restless Need to Break Free

16. October 2020

The Restless Need to Break Free from the Shackles of our Own creations.

☉ Sun Scorpio Opposite ☾ Moon in Taurus
☉ Sun Opposite ♅ Uranus
 Uranus conjunct ☾ Moon
♄ Saturn Square ☿ Mercury
♇ Pluto Conjunct ♃ Jupiter and Saturn ♄

The archetype of the God and the Goddess are present this full moon as they marry in the symbolic dance of their union in the Underworld. The Scorpio sun draws on the power of Pluto as it invites us deep down into the depths of ourselves and strips us of our controls and the ways in which we protect ourselves from true vulnerability and intimacy.

Standing there naked with our fears and compulsions, shadows and hidden nature, we must face ourselves with all that we are in this place, with our ugliest shadows ready to be owned and accepted as those parts of ourselves prepare for death.  
Through this owning process, we let go and eliminate wasted energies consumed by fear and as a result rest deeper into the true power found in worthiness of self.  

During full moons, we are faced with the culmination of me versus you, inner versus outer, how we each relate to our environment and the people that are close within it. These opposite signs of Taurus and Scorpio sit staring at each other in a tug of war between desiring peace, comfort and acceptance through the Taurus moon and the need for upheaval, change, elimination, and chaos through the Scorpio sun.

This rise of awareness is illuminated from the depths within us urging into consciousness what needs to be accepted and what needs to be let go of; what needs to be eliminated. This is the full moon of passion, sensuality, sex, control, compulsions, addictions, and intensities that are found deep within us and get projected onto our relationships.

This moon is best described through the archetype of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, who one day comes across the beautiful maiden, Persephone. She represents the epidemy of youth, beauty, innocence and sensuality, and he becomes fixated on making her his. He lures Persephone, albeit forcefully, into his lair, and contains her there as his captive. He restricts her from returning to the surface because of his fear she would never return of her own merit.

This full moon can illuminate where our own behaviours in relationships are operating from a need to control because of a fear of loss due to insecurity, a lack of self worth. It asks us the questions:

Aren’t we actually worth the love of another?
What parts of our life are we clinging to because we are so afraid of change?

This full moon can illuminate where in our lives we need to settle into ease, settle into the evaluations of our controls riddled with fears, into the work within ourselves that creates true value and security, and into being okay with the presence of what is; of being in the depths of ourself and finding our buried treasure.

This Taurus Full Moon is conjunct Uranus, the truth teller; a powerful combination that urges change radically. Uranus can give a detached perspective to the emotional moon, and the honest support to listen to your depths, access the truth and own your projections. This moon sets us up for some intense energies in the coming week amidst the US presidential election and the continuation of the worldwide second wave as Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto dance closely again. 

With Love,
Lady Samantha

❤️Love to all this time of change. ⁠
Love @ladysamanthacatherine⁠ ⁠

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