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Return to (self) Love with Reiki

09. July 2017

“Love wants to do us favour: hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.” ~ Hafiz

What is Reiki? It’s a question that many have, but the answer is not always easy to articulate. When people ask me, I don't always know what to say. It’s like asking me, “What is love?”

Truthfully, if I told you everything I know about it, it would take away from the magical, mystical experience Reiki offers. Instead, I would like to pose some questions back to you: Have you ever lost yourself in the moment as you danced to a favourite song? Or have you ever felt completely at one with the world around you – if only for a moment – without having any need to explain the sensation?

Think of how your body might have felt at a moment like that. You might have had numerous times in your life where things just felt like they flowed, but there’s no way to replicate or recapture each one. Like a snowflake, they were all different.

That’s just like Reiki: Every treatment is unique.

Reiki promotes peace and harmony, spiritually and physically. It can heighten your intuition, even helping to promote dreams and clairvoyance. You might also find that your energy will emanate to those around you, helping to bring balance and light into your relationships.

As a spiritual practice, Reiki helps us understand the nature of our spiritual connection in a way that is completely personal. There is no doctrine or dogma, and our teachers and community support organic spiritual growth however it shows up for you.

Ultimately, Reiki returns one to love: A loving embodiment that moves you away from fear and into self-empowerment. To get there requires that you surrender to love and trust what shows up naturally while reframing personal boundaries in order to better protect your needs.

In other words, Reiki can help you fall in love with yourself in ways you never expected.

Many people describe Reiki as a form of energy healing, but it’s much more than that because it promotes so many aspects of our personal and spiritual growth. When you are ready to commit to it as a life-long practice, it will continuously bring you closer to who you are.

How Reiki works is that energy flows from practitioners to clients in a way that helps clear any blockages that can be holding you back from finding peace and fulfillment. Those blockages might be physical, spiritual, energetic or emotional.

For example, Reiki can help someone who is recovering from heartbreak or grief. Perhaps that pain has been buried or harboured for years. Reiki can uncover what’s under the surface and help to release it.

I have experienced this firsthand when Reiki changed my relationship with my anger. Before Reiki, no amount of therapy helped.

Through Reiki, I now know my limits because I keep in touch with my feelings.

Reiki brought on a new desire to live life differently, and opened me up to pleasure, play, and creativity.

What could Reiki open up for you? If you are ready to awaken to a new journey of self-love and healing, Reiki might be the path for you.

By Rupi Saran 
Gokukaiden Gendai Reiki Practitioner

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