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Pluto Saturn Astrology Update Covid-19

14. March 2020

We knew it was coming. 


In what form we did not know, but we knew that something was coming that would change the collective, change the priorities of our leadership.... Ultimately restructuring our leadership. We knew this event would build in duration and affect us all: an event that would force us to let go before rebuilding. This is the Pluto Saturn conjunction event.

We speculated War.
We speculated Stock market crashes.
We speculated Leaders of our nations being forced into change.

Pluto’s plan is change through force by hitting us right where it counts and by taking us into a personal hell of sorts before showing us the true riches of its lesson. Coupled with Saturn, it literally means transform through fear: Transform Your fear and OUR fear, through the upheaval of all things that offer security; security of the future, and security of the past.

With Saturn, the letting go tests our fear. It tests our endurance. It tests our willingness to surrender that fear into what it means to instead be vigilant, responsible and mature; ultimately what is means to let go into fear... And within this lesson we are asked, what does it means to be responsible? 

Saturn is responsibility. Saturn represents age, the old, our dependants; those that cannot be responsible for themselves, those that do not have the security means to take care of themselves.

This is the test of our endurance to be responsible for others, carry others with us, and make them a priority. This is the responsibility of us in communities, nations and as people on this Earth. Each one of us plays a part in the role of tmrw.. right now. Take responsibility, not just for your family or for yourself but for us all.

This is the death and rebirth of responsibility through Capricorn.

This is the responsibility of nations, our leaders and of the world.

And we seeing so far just that.

The world leaders are being asked, forced, to put the people first. To put the people first above the industries, above the financial markets, above the economy, above their petty desires for wealth and hidden agendas. They have no choice but to govern as responsible agents.

And in that there is truly beauty in this lesson. Putting the world first offers an opportunity to lead in a different way from here on out; to take responsibility for the nation and their children, to whom they swore an oath to protect, and ultimately the world.

In that there is beauty and maturity in these early days of the lesson of COVID19.

With Love for All,
Lady Samantha

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