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Our New Home Community Announcement

23. December 2016

As most of you are aware, we will be leaving our home of many years in Ed Mirvish Village at the end of January 2017, due to the WestBank takeover of Honest Eds and Ed Mirvish Village. We have been waiting for some time to share with you our NEW LOCATION, while honouring and respecting our current building and its time of service as a place of healing and sacred space. We have been overwhelmed with gratitude, sorrow, loss, and nostalgia these past months, as we get ready to say goodbye. If it wasn’t for the way in which this new building and ultimately our new home came to be ours, we would not be filled with as much anticipation and excitement!!!

It is with great excitement, love and gratitude we announce our NEW LOCATION.



(at the corner of Harbord St. and Brunswick St., just a few short mins from our current location.)

Blessings to all that have Supported Us, and helped us take this leap of faith into a beautiful new HOUSE, a bigger space for ceremony, classes, treatments, and above all, a place for community to gather.

With Love,

Samantha of The Rock Store

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