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Our Love of our New Home and Gratitude Video

21. August 2017

It has been seven months since we exited our old home at 602 Markham Street, a home we loved, and adored and could feel our magic and energy in. It was a true time of grief and a test of emotional endurance as we moved ourselves into our New Location with all the magic we have built in service of our patron, the Great Mother. As the owner of The Rock Store, I am eternally grateful to my dear loves within The Rock Store community.

I could not have made this move without these strong women. Ten beautiful strong women moved the entire store within one day, while I cried and fell apart in grief and rememberance as they stripped the magic off the walls, and carried all the crystals outside.

These women are my anchor. They share with me the drive of the mission of The Rock Store to be in service of the Mother, the Great Mother who embodies the Earth, Her mineral kingdom, Her plant kingdom, the movement of the Goddess around the wheel, and the development of all souls to become purpose centered, aware, sentient, happy beings. We are a community of sisterhood, friendship, support, love, acceptance and family.

Anchoring Her energies within our new home on Harbord has been a test of strength and love on our community to work together to make it suitable for Her home. We feel truly ready to receive you, and bring you our service in the best way we can. We truly have felt the essence of Her land and the movement driving forward within her mission.

Welcome to the House of the Mother at 154 Harbord Street. This video is a dedication to the Great Mother, to whom we serve and Her new home. This video is a dedication of love between all who have helped make this possible and the friends and community that supports us.

We are so excited to see whats in store.

Love and Blessings

Lady Samantha 
The Rock Store

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