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November New Moon in Scorpio + Monthly Forecast

04. November 2021

Happy New Moon! 

We definitely have a charged atmosphere this November, ripe with probing energy that is reflective of the energies of this past year. I am not going to sugar coat this lunation as being anything other than the energetic beginning of all this month has to offer. 

This New Moon is opposite Uranus and squares loosely Saturn. Uranus and Saturn have been the two contributing bodies to the changes we have collectively experienced and the disruptions we have seen in our own lives. If this has been personal for you, you probably have planets at roughly 10-18 degrees of Fixed signs. (Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, and Aquarius.)  

This Months Summary: 

Nov 2nd - Mercury ☿ Square  Pluto
Nov 4th - ☾ New Moon Scorpio opposite Uranus  
Nov 6th - Venus ♀︎Sextile Mercury ☿ 
Nov 10th - Mercury ☿  + Mars♂︎Square Saturn 
Nov 13th - Mercury ☿ Opposite Uranus 
Nov 17th - Mars♂︎ Opposite Uranus 
Nov 19th - Full Moon Eclipse Taurus

As you can see here there is a ton of energy around Uranus and Saturn. Culminating themes, changes, arguments, restlessness, anxiety, and a push for new and exciting energies are all available. 

We will be entering a new Eclipse cycle on Nov 19th in the Scorpio Taurus Axis. More to come on that later. 

Love to all. 
Love, Lady Samantha 

Will this affect me?

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