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New Moon in Pisces - The Mirage of Possibilities

12. March 2021

Mar 13th, 2021 5:20 am EST⠀
☉Sun ☾Moon ♆ Neptune ♀︎ Venus conj. ⠀


The new moon in Pisces that graces us this Saturday in the wee hours of the morning is truly juiced up, and has snuck some extra sugar in that smoothie, hoping you won't notice. ⠀

All these planets in Pisces are connected by Neptune, Pisces' ruler, who joins them from the depths of the sea just for the added fun. Neptune is the planet oftranscendence, spirituality, possibilities, fantasy, and bliss. It is also the planet of confusion, delusion, deception, and escapism.

It is the ashram, the harlequin romance novel and the opium den. Either way, it represents disconnecting from reality and merging with all that lacks form. Neptune is the deep ocean of longing for experiences that bring us closer to oneness.

Coupled with Venus we have a recipe for ecstatic sensations and feelings of possibilities. Be careful of spending and be careful what we agree to within relationships during this time. There is no need to rush. Savour these feelings.⠀

This new moon brings a breath of fresh air and a glimpse of the magic that can fuel you into a creative state of bliss; magic that reminds you of the other dimension of experience, the heart felt connection we have with others, and the possibilities of true love. ⠀

If this affects your chart in any harsh angle, we can be floored by a rush of energy to jump in and delude ourselves that our intuitions, feelings or thoughts mean something more and we must do something about it! ⠀

This is a new moon that is like pressing play on the most beautiful love story while fresh baked brownies are in the oven and our lover is drawing us a rose petal bath, yet we haven't talked about the fight from last week. We forget when we dream. ⠀

So be careful of the extra sweetness that is characterized by this moon. If there is something that seems unreal, or too good to be true, enjoy it for what it is; bliss and possibility, and take a keen discerning eye before making any move. ⠀

It will be our ability to be in reality that grounds any dreams we may have.⠀

❤Lady Samantha 

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