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Mars Conjunct Jupiter Pluto March 20th

21. March 2020

The Courage of our Leader & our Desire to Move ⁠
Friday March 20th, 2020 Astrology Forecast⁠
This week Mars, the planet of action, has been travelling towards Jupiter Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Mars meets Jupiter Exact today at 24°, joining Pluto on Mon. at 26°, & Saturn on Tues. Mar. 31st at 00° of Aquarius. On Mon., Mar 30th it will semi square with Mercury, trine Venus, and sesquiquadrate the Moon before forming a conjunction with Saturn on the 31st.

Mars is the planet of action, courage, will and responsive decisive energy. It is motivated by drive and competition. ‘The warrior picks up its shied and sword and with determined effort and courage meets the battle head on, without fear.’ 
Mars is the warrior within. When it travels through Capricorn he fights as responsibly as possible, knowing the cost of what he could potentially lose, and taking that knowing deep into his psyche, heading into battle with as much ‘calculated effort’ and planning of how he will fight to win.
We have been witness to the rising energy of Mars all week as it journeys towards Jupiter through how our leaders have responded to the constant changing nature of this battle with Covid-19 and instilled within us hope & faith (Jupiter). Desperate to save us, they continue to react daily with decisions that tear down (pluto) the operations and securities (Saturn) of our society and show us what true Martian leadership looks like, the willingness to courageously fight for the people and make the necessary happen.⁠⠀
There will be more news, initiatives, further tear downs of our societal structures and further constraints as mars makes it way towards Saturn at the end of the month. ⁠⠀
On Mar. 29th - 31st we will hear news of further plans that have a more long term nature that will equate with our values but create unease. ⁠⠀
Personally, this could feel like relentless energy, which can make us restless in nature with the need to act, move and do something. Find ways to get the energy out of the body each day, whether physically or through creative initiatives and work. Let your martian motivation guide you. ⁠⠀

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