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Madre Tierra Limpias Healing

28. November 2018

Take this sweet dew from the earth,
Take the honey.
I will help you on your way.
I will give you strength on your path.
~ Mayan Poem~

As we continue to enter into the dark half of the year we bear witness to the death of nature. This awareness allows us to return into the depths of ourselves.  At this time, we yearn for gentle support to digest and allow ourselves to process our lessons. This December Limpias ~ Spiritual Energy Cleanse will for the first time, be birthed as a special offering through The Rock Store.  The limpia is a beautiful way to provide that fortitude to allow harmony back in within ourselves.  

This traditional ancestral health care practice has been used in Central and South America as well as in other parts of the world in different variations.  Limpias are used to help support us, restore us and ground our energies.  We are given this opportunity with the support and gifts of Madre Tierra (Mother Earth) through her plants and flowers, allowing us to reset, and bring vibrancy and clarity back to ourselves.  Allowing us to go back to our natural selves.

The energies of the brushing and sweeping of the fresh bundled plants on the body, prayers, song and acknowledgment of the elements in this traditional ancestral practice, help pull heavy energies away from the body.  Taking in a limpia is all about connecting, it is about recovering our innate capacity to connect with ourselves and the life around us.   

We all have the right to heal and the right to connect to the medicine that reside inside of us.  In doing this work we are honouring the ones before, honouring the ancestors in ourselves and the ancestors we will become. Allow your vulnerability to meet the plants. Allow this connection. Allow yourself to come home. With Warmth, Shirley. 

Shirley PincayAbout the Practitioner.

Shirley has been immersed in the ancestral traditions and culture since she was a little girl. With a love and deep connection to plants, she continues to descend into their teachings and wisdom. Shirley has been a practitioner Reiki practitioner for many years and brings the essence of light and surrender to her practice. To book a Limpias energy cleanse session this December and read more, click here. 

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