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Jupiter in Scorpio - When Planets Shift Signs

15. October 2017

Jupiter moved into the sign of Scorpio on October 11th after spending a year in the sign of Libra. Why is this significant? When the slower moving planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) shift to a different sign, we collectively experience a shift in that energy. You may have noticed this shift energetically in the last few days, perhaps feeling more inwardly focused, attuned to something deeper within. Jupiter spends about one year in each sign, giving us one year of a particular kind of energy to work with. This brings a new combination of energy each time- Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, abundance- how it expresses these qualities depends on which sign it is in.

In Libra, Jupiter invited us to look closely at our relationships, highlighted where we are out of harmony in our interactions. It was in some tense relationships (called aspects) with other planets, and in many ways spent more time showing us disharmonies rather than harmony.  In Scorpio, it will highlight the shadows- what is hidden, what secrets we hold, our personal depth, our inner warriors. Luckily, it will be in much more harmonious relationships with other planets (by aspect) for the year it spends there.  

This is what it means for the collective in general- what does it mean for us as individuals? To know this, we need to look at our natal charts- the map of the sky at the moment that you were born, your personal blueprint of potentials in this lifetime. How this affects you personally will depend on where in your chart this shift is happening, and how you experience Jupiter in your birth chart.  

This could be felt most strongly in your work life, your quest for higher consciousness, your friendships, your partnerships, your sex life -everything is represented somewhere in your chart. Once we gain this knowledge about ourselves, we can navigate through our lives differently as we know the potentials, our strengths and our struggles.

The next major planet to shift signs will be Saturn as it moves into its home sign of Capricorn in December. This will signal a shift in our responsibilities, how we structure ourselves, and how we go about achieving.

By Emily Todd

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