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Jupiter in Pisces

16. May 2021

Jupiter is the planet of faith, grace and generosity. It is the planet of expansion and benevolence that instills in us hope for the future, a better life, with more for ourselves.

It is the yearning to grow, to become something more, to believe in something great, and to put all of our trust in it, that makes life feel hopeful and worth living.

The potential of what could be radiates Jupiters intent of creating the desire to reach outside of oneself into new territories and experiences that we can explore and find new adventures.

Jupiter is where we find the quest, reason and purpose to life.

Where Jupiter falls in the chart represents where we find that reason to become more, the optimism that things will work out, and where opportunities are easily seized. It shows where we put our faith, in what do we believe in, and what makes life feel abundant.  

Depending on the condition of Jupiter in your chart, your relationship to what you believe in is found through either an openness to faith and trust in higher ideas which creates personal morality and a code by which to live by or the potential for rigidity; aversion towards expansion and evolving ideas.

In this understanding, Jupiter also rules religion, politics and the law. If challenged in the chart, it can show us rigidity in our beliefs, exclusiveness of other people or other culture’s values and a lack of openness, which forms a dogmatic mindset on how one should live, according to what rules, and what one should believe, which coud be a particular God or leader to follow. It can show projection of morality through a self righteousness lens.


Jupiter is known as the “Great Benefic”, bringing its joy and gifts through transits. When Jupiter transits our chart, it can bring good fortune, luck and self-awareness to the area that it touches. On the flip side, because Jupiter brings with it expansion, it can in the worst case, bring over indulgence, weight-gain, over spending and laziness. It can also bring issues with the law due to its association with power and social systems.

Jupiter takes roughly about 1 year per sign. Through Jupiter transits, we experience where we expand, where we have opportunities in our lives, where we put our trust that all will be okay and where we learn, grow and become more aware.

In 2020, we experienced Jupiter transiting through Capricorn and was urged to be more responsible for ourselves and others. We made goals around personal security through tangible assets and became aware of where we needed to grow up through a disciplined approach to life.  Shortly after in Aquarius, we were made aware of the community, fairness, justice, and inequality around us. We stood up for our causes and the future and rallied for all humanity.

On May 13th, Jupiter entered Pisces which gave us the gift of turning our attention towards hopefulness, possibility, spirituality, compassion, creativity and imagination. Just what we need. Time in Pisces returns us to one of Jupiter’s natural placements, and we find ourselves with the gift of dreamtime, openness, empathy, flexibility and surrender. We can get lost in our own delicious daydreams, favourite movies and good books and let our imagination soar to new heights.

We can find ourselves inspired and reinvigorated in our individual connections to the divine, what gives us meaning in life and our future goals. We are renewed again in the belief that there can be good in the world and through compassionate service and openness of thought, a blending of a polarized world can be softened.

We can attract and become abundant through a Jupiter transit and expand through consciousness when we practice kindness, we take care of ourselves, instill boundaries and time for rest all while offering healing to all. Rest is important through this transit. We require solace, peace and quiet time with Jupiter in Pisces to allow us to fully integrate the expanding consciousness Jupiter in Pisces brings to the collective and the space to escape into the dreamy landscape that makes life magical.


Jupiter will be in Pisces on the following dates:

  • May 13, 2021, to July 28,2021,
  • December 28, 2021, to May 10, 2022, and
  • October 28 to December 20, 2022

Will this affect me?

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