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"How Crystals and Stones Work"

23. July 2017

An Interview with Melissa Ramos from Sexy Food Therapy. 

On July 13th, Lady Samantha, the owner the The Rock Store and author of the Crystal Awakenings Crystal Certification Program was interviewed by Melissa Ramos of Sexy Food Therapy. 

Lady Samantha has been working with minerals and stones for over 15 years through spiritual practice, intuition, the study of geology, gemmology and physics. 

In this interview we discuss: 

  • How crystals and stones help wellness outside of a placebo effect. Samantha will be sharing the science or mineral content in relation to humans. We will go beyond just the "woo-woo" effect of them!
  • How crystals and stones can help with hormone balancing
  • How to cleanse/recharge them.
  • Some uses behind them and how to meditate with them.
  • How to know what you're buying is of good quality.
  • Samantha will also share some "recipes" for healthcareer, relationships and protection. 

To rewatch this stream live and see all the comments, go to 
Sexy Food Therapy Facebook Page. 

Thank you for watching and Thank you Melissa for having us on your show! 


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