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Dear Community - In Response to Covid - 19

17. March 2020

With the heightened concern of Covid-19 and the continued awareness of the growing situation, we have decided we will be closing our physical store effective Monday evening, March 16th. Our online presence will remain open.

This has been uncharted territory for all of us and we continue to make the best decisions with the information that come available. Following the press conference yesterday we confirm The Rock Store will CLOSE until further notice.  We cannot predict with any certainty at this point when our physical store will be reopening. This uncertainty brings us grief and unsettled emotions. The impact this may have on the future of The Rock Store, the staff, the practitioners and those that are in need of our services greatly saddens us. We however feel deeply there is one course of action necessary and with open hearts and ready swords, we are ready to take responsibility into our hands to make the decision.

We are incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful team that supports and loves our community. The Rock Store is committed to supporting the community and our practitioners through this time; as we move our services online, with more product, events, readings & treatments.

Our online store continues to be open with free shipping across Canada with a minimum of $25 until March 22nd and Free shipping with a minimum of $50 afterwards until March 31st, 2020. We will still be hosting our EQUINOX PARTY this weekend through our online platform with SALES, discounted readings and distance treatments. We will have the party posted online by Tuesday March 16th.

We thank you for understanding the need to postpone current events. For current running programs, we will find alternatives to the completion of these courses. We will also be honouring all prepaid sessions by Skype, Zoom, and Phone.

We will miss seeing all of your faces, sharing magic and providing a safe space for growth and healing. As humans we rely deeply on contact and connection to feel safe and secure. Having to socially isolate will prove to be difficult. 

We at The Rock Store want to stay joined together and will be offering more incentives online in the coming week to stay connected. We hope to see you all there. Together we get through this together.Be well and do stay in touch.

Love to you all.

Love Lady Samantha 

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