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Crystal Spring Love Recommendations

09. April 2018

We are on the precipice of launching into warmer days! This is the time to shed and detox the heaviness of winter and open ourselves to spring's possibilities. The spring combination that has been calling me the last month to bring forth into spring is ... 


This combination is so lovely. It softens and hydrates the system, calms the nerves and relaxes muscles and tissues in the body. The sensation feels like receiving a really warm hug and shoulder massage, all while in the bath. These stones can support opening and allowing new love into one's life, deepening existing love, and practicing the strength required to be vulnerable to how love can shift our identity. 

Morganite and Aquamarine are both from the beryl family of crystals. Morganite seeks for evolution, and wishes to grow with you in your story of love's journey. Aquamarine softens irritation, anticipation, and anger, and supports encouragement, hydration, detoxification, relaxation and personal truth. 

Chrysoprase mends, fills and repairs where it is needed around the heart, and cultivates a soft cushion of support and readiness to love again, and love this time a little deeper. It encourages one to move through vulnerability and see possibility that can be gained from risk. 

With most recipes, a clear quartz can aid the stones in connecting together, and into the fabric of who you are. It will amplify and carry your intentions to the other stones. 

When you first start working with mulitple stones, sit with each one for a few mins until you can feel yourself shift into resonance with the stone. Clear the stones before use to encourage further connection. Keep the recipe together with you while establishing a connection with them. Take time to get to know your stones. 

Happy Spring! 

Love, Lady Samantha
Owner of The Rock Store and Crystal Therapist 

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