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August Eclipses of 2017 Astrology Summary by Emily Todd

02. September 2017

The month of August has been full of fast moving energy, instability and has been intense for many. We have been in eclipse energies all month, characterized by unexpected changes, endings, new beginnings, and shedding of old patterns.

This can be traced back to the first new moon in Leo on July 23rd, which was conjunct mars and initiated some bold new energy (as well as impatience, anger and frustration). The lunar eclipse on August 7th occurred at 15° Leo/Aquarius. This highlighted old patterns that we are ready to clear, old fixed ideas that do not serve us or perhaps were overly idealistic and not founded in reality.   Any planets around 15° in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) were activated by this energy, and that part of you has likely been lit up all month.

The total solar eclipse on August 21st was also conjunct mars- another new moon (solar eclipses are essentially super potent new moons) connected to the planet of initiation, action, physicality, rage and confrontation.   This occurred at 28° of Leo - Leo wants to create from the heart and be recognized for it’s spirited ways. Something has been initiated both personally and collectively that is still unfolding.

To find out more about how each eclipse affected you personally, check where Aquarius and Leo fall in your chart- the houses the eclipses occurred in indicate which area of your life is being shaken up the most at the moment.

This weekend, we may gain some more insight around what messages these eclipses have for us. Mars (once again!) and mercury will join together at the degree of the solar eclipse, reactivating its energies. Mercury has been retrograde since August 12th, adding to the confusion and feelings of instability. It goes direct on September 5th at the same degree of the solar eclipse, bringing focus to what was initiated, what needs to be reworded, reanalyzed and cleared up. We are deeply processing until then, when it will become clearer where to go with what we have discovered this month.

Watch for frustrations to be at a high; there is potential for angry confrontations without knowing the root cause and without any productive benefits beyond venting. Check in with yourself and what you are feeling, track what has been a theme for you since the end of July, and pay attention to what is coming up for you now. These are intense energies that are still presenting themselves and we will be in the process of discovery about what it means for each of us individually and together as a collective for the next several months. There is much happening, take the time to tune in and engage in whatever kind of self care works for you.

by Emily Todd

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