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2021 Astrology - The Uncertainty of Change

20. January 2021

The Astrology of 2021

The Unpredictability and Uncertainty of Change

2021 is a numerological universal year of 5. Five is the number of chaos, unpredictability, uncertainty, inconsistency and change. These themes are very much supported by the astrological weather of the year.

Everything is temporary. Expect change. Resist.. and have it forced upon you.

This year the main astrological transit is the square between Uranus and Saturn. It happens every 14 years when these planets come together into a 90-degree angle that creates stress and pressure that forces a call to action and response.  This means something WILL happen and it WON’T happen undercover or covertly. It will happen and you'll definitely notice.  

Uranus is the breaker of chains, symbolic of the innovator, the inventor, the genius factor that seeks originality and to be free from the binds of the past. It is tomorrow’s altruistic mind, fueled by the need to stimulate movement to break the forms and ways of being that are old, outdated, boring, and resistant to improvement and the direction of the future. Uranus is the truth teller, the truths required for tomorrow.  

Invent ourselves again… reinvent ourselves. Change course and ultimately how we identity. 

With Uranus transits we don’t know exactly how and where Uranus will strike and demolish existing structures because Uranus, like lightning, never strikes the same place twice and it definitely doesn’t warn us. It always has the element of surprise.


Things are about to change.

Saturn is the form, the tradition, the old, the structure, the authority, the patriarchy, the systems, the red tape and the bureaucracy. It is our father figures, where we look for social recognition, where we grow slowly and accumulate experience and wealth from our hard work. It is also where we worry and place our fears of security, and our fears of inadequacy. It is where we experience the need to learn and grow for a stable future.

When Uranus and Saturn come together in square it can be frustrating time. It can represent changes you don’t want and feel resistant to. Tensions within can rise and rise and rise, collecting nervous electricity within the body that shows up as anxiety, mental instability and erratic energy that urges you to make a change. Sometimes the tensions that rise up build up within our body so much so that we create change for changes' sake by acting erratically or rebelliously, solely to release the pressure. This is the unhealthy release of Uranian pressure. We must be patient as the promise of change builds. These energies are pointing towards the areas of life to let go of those old ways and reinvent old habits.

What is more likely in this transit is resistance.

When we are resistant to change and inflexible, Uranus will employ its lightning strike, and hit us like a sudden attack, with an onslaught of surprise that burns everything down, forcing the change through chaos.

So, how do we get ahead?

We practice patience and expect the unexpected. We know there is no room for resistance, and we adapt. We roll with the punches. We allow the space for our genius factor to come through and carve out new habits, new modes of security, that support improvement and releasing fear and that which binds us. We allow ourselves to explore new horizons and ways of being we have never thought possible and bravely be open to possibility. We allow uncertainty to exist.

When is this happening?  

These planets will be dancing close together throughout 2021 but will have three exact dates they meet in square. When we have three dates, the planets tell a story together. The first one initiates, the secondcontemplates and the third finalizes or anchors the lesson or theme.

February 17th, 2021 at 7 degrees of Taurus and Aquarius
June 14th, 2021 at 13 degrees of Taurus and Aquarius
December 24th, 2021 at 11 degrees of Taurus and Aquarius 

Will this affect me?

If you have planets around those degrees in your natal chart, the Saturn Uranus Square will affect you.  Take a look at the houses the planets represent to get more insight into where change will occur and the areas of life.

To see where this affect you personally, your transits for the year and understanding your natal constitution, book a reading with Lady Samantha here. 

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Samantha has been involved in the study of astrology since 2010. She is the vision behind The Rock Store and has used astrology personally to manage and implement her vision from its beginnings. She blends her intuitive nature and sensitivity, her devotion to personal growth, her love of being of service, and her wealth of knowledge in mythology and astrological into each and every reading. It is her joy and pleasure to be able to offer this service to you at this time. 

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