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Stone of the Month!

26. April 2016

Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Pink Opal

The love of the season's fertility calls us to join its dance in May and in it we celebrate the marriage of Life and its union that creates all of fertility. It's fertile strength and will to procreate permeates the energy of each day. 

This is the month of Love, the month of sexual union, heart connection and intimacy. This is the month to be conscious of the heart space you create and how it touches others. This is the month to call in your heart's desires and allow them to be made available to you. This is the time to be in full flow with your creative urges that stem deep down within and desire to become consciously alive. 

Be creative, be expressive, be authentic and vulnerable. 

Blessings to all this May. May Love be Bestowed. 


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