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    The path and practice of Reiki is a practice of awareness, and of moment to moment reflection of what’s here now. It is the practice of filling yourself with pure love, harmony and healing and transmitting it in its pure form.

    The classes are divided into levels, the first being Shodan, level one, where the first attunement is given; The attunement being the gateway to resonating with the vibration of reiki. This attunement to the vibration of Reiki will stay with you for life and no hard training is required to start healing. In Level 1, we focus on self purification techniques and develop a meditation practice to resonate with Reiki Ho. You will learn the 12 basic hand techniques and self purification exercises to strenthen the resonance with Reiki and ultimately the core of your being.

    Next Upcoming Dates: 
    Sunday, November 20th, 2022 11-4 PM 

    Location: The Rock Store (upstairs Temple Room)

    A Certificate is awarded for those that attend a minimum of 3 reiki circles and fulfill the necessary requirements of the Reiki shihan. The Reiki Shihan can refuse certification if they feel the student needs more practice time. 

    The Gendai Reiki Program consists of four levels. 

    Shihan: Samantha
    Gokukaiden: Gregmar + 
    Please note: Our Level 1 & 2 Classes are taught by a combination of Shihan or Gokukaiden teachers. 


    • Please arrive 15 mins early to complete registration and acclimatize to the space.
    • Seating is on the floor. Cushions are provided. If you are in need of a chair, please let us know. 
    • Please note: There is no food or drink (except water allowed in our Temple Room.)
    • There will be a break for lunch.  
    • A Level 1 Official Gendai Reiki manual is part of the course fee. It includes a Introductory Manual and a Shoden Level 1. Lost manuals are subject to a $22 fee per manual to be replaced. We require a manual handling contract to be signed. 

    Workshop Policy: 
    Full Payment required for registration
    Cancellation with 14+ Days Notice: Full Store Credit towards Product or Service
    Cancellation with Less then 14 Days Notice: Store Credit minus 20% for administrative fee
    Cancellation with less then 3 days: Store credit of 30% of the total price will be issued to be used towards a product or service. 
    Same Day/No Show Cancellation: No Credit/No Refund for any reason

    Although we understand life situations and emergencies do arise that can inhibit attendance, please understand we allocate resources to make these services available to the community and have therefore chosen policies to reflect our investments and efforts to make these services available. Thank you in advance for understanding.