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    Cast Iron Cauldrons are safe and suitable for burning sage, cedar, palo santo and other smudging herbs. 

    This Cast Iron Cauldron stands on three legs and comes with a handle and a lid. 

    It can be used for charcoal and resin use.
    Can also be used with liquids but must be properly cleansed after to avoid rusting. 

    Diameter - 5" 
    Dimensions -5 1/4” x 4 1/2"
    Weight - 1.6 kg

    Please note, ritual items including cauldrons are nonrefundable for any reason. 
    Please do not leave anything burning unattended. Practice safely. 
    Use the lid to suffocate the smoke. 

    If you want to have this shipped, there may be additional shipping charge due to the weight of this item. It will need to be shipped separately from other items in your order.