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  • Winter's Warmth Forest Grid Dec 6 - 23rd

Winter's Warmth Forest Grid Dec 6 - 23rd

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    This December journey to meet the Great Mother in her time of rest. Within the cooler temperatures of the season, She offers us warmth and healing in our inward journey. We journey within, coming home into Her and into ourselves, by finding our Root, which stays alive and warm through the winter. 

    The Roots of the Great Mother's Trees, govern our physical experience; your money, your job, your body, your ability to stabilize and all things tangible in your life. These are that which makes you feel secure and provided for. The Root is your connection directly through the soles of your feet into the Great Earth Mother. It is through this door that we accept the gifts she wishes to provide. It is through this door that we walk with a loving step for the stability she provides. 

    The root chakra supports you in your skeletal structure and your facia tissue which together create shape for an otherwise mostly liquid physical body. It allows us to take impact, be mobile, and enact change around us. It is the system around which everything else is built. It is the box upon which we stand. 

    This Grid is the grid of the roots of the Mother's Great Tree, and draws on the deep roots from trees that surround us, aiding us in their lesson of true stability and connectivity. We are only as strong as our support system. This is the Grid of the shaman, the wise crone, the wisdom keepers, the bears, the crows, the birch and oak trees with their deep roots. This is the crystal grid of wisdom found deep within the earth, wisdom accessible through the ground that comes as inheritance. 

    Come lie in a sacred geometric crystal grid treatment in our healing room, amidst hundred of crystals designed to align, attune, and amplify your root chakra while Reiki and Aromatherapy are applied. 

    December 6th - 223rd 2018

    60/90 MINS available $105/145 + HST
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