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Throat Chakra Grid Mar 15-29

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    h6. Mar 15-29th 2018

    Time for the Chakra that manifests light through sound! Welcome to the month of the Throat Chakra Crystal Grids. This March come and experience a personal throat chakra crystal grid treatment at The Rock Store and surrender to the honesty of your own voice and the messages that wish to be heard.

    This grid is also an ocean grid, connecting your voice to the nurturing and clearing waters of Great Ma, the sounds she sings with her tides as her waves dance around you. This grid is very healing and nurturing to the spirit, connecting the heart and voice with the water element.

    The throat chakra (Visshudha) governs your ability to listen and communicate through the energy of sound. Through sound, we have the ability to manifest our emotions, our desires, our intentions and create a rhythm for our inner needs to be heard and manifest as an outer expression. In this light, the sacral chakra and throat chakra share a common result: Manifestation. Therefore, this is a chakra of manifestation through the expression we innately have the ability to make. It is through this sacred place, where we witness how others interact with us as we listen and interpret, and through this place that we listen to our spirit's need of expression so that we may grow and be more fulfilled along our journey.

    Lie there while aquamarine, chrysocolla, clear quartz, apatite, sea shells, sand, blue calcite, ammonites, salt crystals, rose quartz, amongst many others clear and tone the voices that sing from your wells of deep wisdom.

    Many blessings to the love imbued with each word, the expression your spirit allows, and the inward journey of listening to your innate wisdom this year.

    March 15th - 29th, 2018
    60/90 MINS available $105/145 + HST
    Call 416 516 2191 to book.

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    Policy: In respect of our Practitioner's time, please allow 24 hours notice cancellation. Failure to do so may result in affecting future bookings and loss of prepaid session. 

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