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The Underworld Grid Oct 17th - Oct 31th, 2018

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    Welcome to the UNDERWORLD CRYSTAL GRID this October 2018. 

    As we approach The Witches New Year and day of the God, the Goddess, journeys into the Underworld to meet the God in his underworld den of Crystals and magic. Here they are married as Queen and King, the Lady and the Lord of the dark abyss of the underworld. In this place, the world starts again, as it is their union that births all by the impregnation of the Goddess so that the lands may continue to be fertile and lush. 

    Here in the underworld, we meet our Other, our lessons, while in the sacred shadows that teach us, lure us into exploration, and that constantly beckon us to enter. Here we lie in the sacred grid of the Underworld, with our stuff, our shadows, our desires, with that which we lust, and that which we would devour.  We lie in the primal energies of the union that creates fertility. The union that would manifest above ground in the sacred rite of marriage at Beltane. It is the grid of passion, it is empowering, it is sexual, it is healing, it is protective, it is raw, instinctual, and it is the place most of us fear. Yet it is the most beautiful place..... The beginning. 

    reiki and aromatherapy applied. 
    October 17th - Oct 31st, 2018

    60/90 mins $105/$145 + HST

    *All Crystal Grids must be prepaid upon booking. 

    For Grids prepurchased below, please allow 24 - 48 hours before we contact you via email to set up an appointment. 

    Crystal Grid Policy: Please allow 24 Hours for Cancellation in respect of our Pracitioners's time. Failure to adhere to our policy may require leaving a nonrefundable deposit for future bookings.