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  • Tanzanite Teardrop Pendant

Tanzanite Teardrop Pendant

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    Tanzanite aligns the Heart and the mind, allowing for a more balanced, centered experience of spirituality. Tanzanite grounds mental energy through the emotional body. Helps one feel more compassionate, loving and centered.

    Affirmation: My mind and Heart meet again, like lovers, and I enter the spiritual dance of Joy.

    Each piece is slightly different in size and colouring as they are all natural. 
    Please allow variation in what is received. 

    Size: 1.1 cm with loop, teardrop. Sizing is approximate. 

    Pendant comes alone. Select a variant to add the string to your purchase. (additional cost). Ruby is from the corundum family of minerals like sapphire. 

    The chain best seller for this size of pendant is 14 - 16". The tear drop is tiny so best worn close to the neck. Please consult our silver chains page HERE to add this option to your order.