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  • Spring Equinox Hot Stone Reiki Restorative
  • Spring Equinox Hot Stone Reiki Restorative

Spring Equinox Hot Stone Reiki Restorative

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    Join Gregmar for a Spring warm and intimate invitation to initiate the energies of self love, self care, and deep relaxation. With Spring upon us , nourish yourself while the cooler temperatures are still at play. 

    In this 75 minute class your body will move through deeply relaxing postures that are supported with bolsters, blocks and blankets, allowing the mind to pause as you move into a state of relaxation much deeper than traditional sleep.

    Heated basalt stones will be gently placed on your clothed body. The heat from the stones gently penetrates into muscles, melting away layers of physical and emotional tension, allowing you to relax into blissful and luxurious rest. 

    Gregmar will float through the room guiding participants through gentle meditations and allowing silence while offering Reiki to those that are open to it. 

    Date: Sunday, Mar 26th, 2023
    Time: 11:30 AM - 1 PM

    Your Guide: Gregmar 
    Cost: $69 + HST
    Limited to 10 participants each session.
    Please see policy below. 

    Gregmar NewmanGregmar Newman
    "I can safely say that my life has been divided into before Reiki and after Reiki. My spiritual journey started with Reiki and I haven’t looked back since. Reiki taught me the true meaning of trusting and letting go. I see Reiki as a very powerful, yet gentle way to bring more balance, healing and harmony into our life. I try to weave my knowledge as a Yoga and Ayurveda educator into my work to support people in exploring ways of living in alignment with their True Self. It’s an honour and a privilege to share Reiki with my clients." 

    Policy: Due to the limited nature of this event, tickets are nonrefundable for any reason. Thank you for understanding.