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    In every culture around the world we find various ways of people practicing a form of a spirit cleanse and protection sealing for the body and soul.

    In this workshop we will focus on limpias, a form practiced in Central and South America Curanderismo which consists of connecting to the plants, taking in their aroma, followed by an energetic sweeping and brushing of the body with fresh flowers, plants and herbs.

    Several other components will be discussed such as using the huevo (egg) and vela (candle) to cleanse the body (externally brushing on the body) as well as songs and prayers. Participants will begin to practice a self-limpia.

    Herbs and foliage will be provided. 

    Please bring to class a small bundle of flowers: 

    • Recommendation: No thorns, choose sturdier flowers like daisies, carnations, lavender, etc. Stay away from tulips, Lillies, etc.  

    Date: Sunday May 26th, 2019
    Time: 11 - 2pm
    Cost: $75 + HST
    Your Guide: Shirley Pincay


      • Location: The Rock Store Temple Room (upstairs)
      • Upon arrival for your class, please check in your attendance.
      • There is no food or drink ( except water) allowed in our Temple Room
      • Seating is on the floor with cushions provided. Please let us know if you should need a chair. 

    Email shirley@therockstore.ca for questions. 
    Limited Spaces Available

    About Your Guide:
    My soul story has propelled me to believe that our deepest path in our life is of one's journey to remembering. Remembering the deep within, our true self, our sacred container. Not knowing our whole self is what stifles us and creates suffering. Remembering allows us to love ourselves deeply, and live from our true nature. The process of returning to wholeness at times can come with ease but it can also be daunting amidst an emotional storm. Although it was difficult to see in the moment I have truly learned that everything that takes place has it's reasons and that they are meant to teach us as long as we listen to our deepest wisdom. I use an integrative formula of intuitive guidance and Reiki to support you, allowing you to access your whole self, wisdom, physical awareness as well as find balance. This time is used to move into you.

    Policy: In respect of our practitioners time, please allow 24 hours notice cancellation. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in affecting future bookings and loss of repurchased session.

    For sessions purchased online, we will contact you within 24-48 hours to set up your appointment. Blessings!