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  • Pyrite Suns
  • Pyrite Suns

Pyrite Suns

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    Iron sulfide. An excellent protective stone; forms a shield to keep out negative vibrations. Resonates with both earth and fire, and allows one to connect with the earth and channel that energy through the body. Supports blood’s ability to carry oxygen. Excellent for manifestation and taking action on one’s will. Encourages overcoming fears and taking action. Great for manifestation in career, wealth, and abundance. It pushes energy quickly where it is needed. It harmonizes power dynamics. Great for confidence and self esteem. 

    Pyrite Suns are naturally formed without a matrix (not attached to a rock formation). They are also known as pyrite dollars, sun dollars and miners dollars. They are formed between sheets of coal shale. 

    These pieces are in limited quantity and why we have included them in the specimens page. 

    Size: 2.5 inches