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  • New Years Eve Prayer and Invocation Circle 2019
  • New Years Eve Prayer and Invocation Circle 2019
  • New Years Eve Prayer and Invocation Circle 2019
  • New Years Eve Prayer and Invocation Circle 2019

New Years Eve Prayer and Invocation Circle 2019

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    New Year’s Eve





    Join our dear friend and soul sister Nicole Angela on New Years Eve for a sacred night of prayer and invocation. We are so excited to have her return to offer sacred space. 

    Bring your prayers for yourself
    Bring your prayers for The Collective

    Inclusive and open to all
    Bring your notebook and your favorite pen

    We are going to begin 2020 with Prayer
    Let’s try shall we

    We invite 2020
    Forward in Destiny 

    This 2020 marks a significant time moving into a universal year 4, a numerological year that represents working on the foundations of our existence, the structures that we have created and the society platforms that exist. Astrologically we will all be experiencing the Saturn Pluto conjunction, a rare conjunction that only happens every 34 years and brings collective upheaval and change, especially on the world stage.

    Personally, this is a time that we will be faced with our own limitations, fears around power structures and may be forced or choose to change the ways in which we operate in the world. This year therefore can offer us a time to truly choose a new path and release ourselves from the limiting behaviors and processes in our lives. This conjunction, albeit with change, reminds us to be responsible and cautious while implementing changes and take our responsibilities which may include other people into consideration in our plans.  

    For this reason we are choosing to run 2 ceremonies dedicated to the Saturn Pluto Conjunction, New Years Eve and Jan 18th, 2020 to support us individually and the collective in the energies of 2020. 



    Bring your Prayers

    New Years Eve Prayer and Invocation Circle 
    December 31, 2019
    Time: 8-10pm
    Cost: $85 + HST

    2020 Prayer and Invocation Circle 
    January 18, 2020
    Time: 8-10pm
    Cost: $55 + HST

    Purchase both in advance $120 + HST ( save $20 + HST)

    Your Guide: Nicole Angela 

    MEET YOUR GUIDE: Nicole Angela

    Nicole Angela has been a  healer in the Toronto Community for 13 years.  She brings with her openness and depth to create space in the hearts of those that attend. Rippled out in waves, all are welcome. 
    Come as you are.

    Bio Photocredit: Sarah May Taylor
    Astrology Description: Lady Samantha 

    Policy: Due to the limited nature of this event, tickets are nonrefundable for any reason. Thank you for understanding. 

    Other Information / Policies: 
    Please check in and register upon arrival
    New to circles? Arrive early as you'll need to sign a waiver
    Ceremony space is on the second Floor accessible by stairs
    Water is Allowed
    No food or coffee/tea/juice allowed in the ceremony space
    No late admittance allowed