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    Mandrake is masculine, ruled by Mercury and Saturn and the element of fire. 

    A dried mandrake root placed on the mantelpiece will protect and bring happiness and prosperity to the household. It will also prevent demons from entering. Placed on top of money, it will make the money multiply.

    A mandrake root can be used as a poppet for sympathetic. It can also be carved into various shapes for magical use.

    The berries as well as the root are used in charms to increase fertility. Carried, it is said to attract love. It is also used in aphrodisiac spells.

    Mandrake intensifies magick in any situation.

    Add a bit of mandrake root to your moon water preparation for ritual use.
    This mandrake root is sold loosely in 1/2 oz bags. 
    This herb is for magical purposes only. DO NOT ingest this herb into the body. MANDRAKE ROOT IS POISONOUS. This herb can have many side effects. Use Only in sachets and pouches.  The Rock Store Inc. does not claim efficacy in any intention or spell work. By purchasing this product, the user understands they are responsible for their own spiritual and magical practice.