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  • Lodalite Seer Quartz
  • Lodalite Seer Quartz
  • Lodalite Seer Quartz

Lodalite Seer Quartz

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    Lodalite Quartz offers a window into another world and can facilitate a cosmic shift of consciousness. It is useful in journeying in all levels, cosmic, soul and personal. As a shamanic gazing crystal, it aids in connecting to the energies of the animal realm. Stimulates spiritual growth in areas of perception. It provides protection during exploration of shadow work, releasing fear and promoting understanding of the impermanence of life. 

    Within the crystals you'll notice some chlorite inclusions, black tourmaline, and calcite formations. Quite spectacular. 

    This beautiful specimen below is the specimen you will be receiving so there is only 1 in stock. 

    Weight: 239 grams 
    Size: 4  inches approximately.