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Living Funeral Meditation Ceremony

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    Group death meditations are a chance for anyone to bear witness to their own mortality through a meditative process that sinks participants into greater death awareness emerging with a deeper understanding and appreciation of life.

    Participants are mindfully led through a contemplative meditative process exploring the value, depth and wonder of their own life. later, they gently lean into their own impermanence through exploring the inherent mysteries and inevitability of death through grace.

    This meditation ceremony is a chance to reflect on life while calling death awareness into our immediate present. those who have attended ceremonies in the past explain a lessened sense of fear surrounding death; the beginnings of a new, curious investigation surrounding mortality; newfound warmth regarding their own or beloveds mortality; and, so often, a safe/loving feeling of return.

    Our ritual space is arranged with intention, loving compassion and care. All participants face their individual altars for private contemplation as Brooke guides the group through a series of meditations circling life, impermanence, and death acceptance. The group then contemplates a new form of last testament before settling into a final meditation simulating the stillness of death. We emerge together, ground, and have a chance to talk about feelings and discoveries afterwards.

    Brooke Lavoie Manning is a polytheistic pagan, death doula, grief worker, poet & musician who also runs the shop Likely General in Toronto. She is trained by the International End of Life Doula Association (US 2017) and by the Institute of Traditional Medicine (Canada 2022). Brooke has been active in the death care community since 2004 with specific passions in grief-tending, vigil and legacy work, anti-capitalist death education, and green/environmentally conscious holistic death care. More details can be found at www.lengthofacandle.com. 


    *No transferring allowed between dates. See policy below
    *Participants must be 18 years old +
    *Tickets are nonrefundable - see below

    COST: SPECIAL FALL RATE $66 per person, all materials included
    15 people capacity per event -  3 spots are available at reduced rates of $55 for those that may need it, please email for discount code at brooke@lengthofacandle.com BIPOC rate always available, please message Brooke for code. 

    We ask for your mindfulness in considering these discounted rates as they are there for folks that need them most. A good way to ask Self if you are questioning is to consider dāna.

    PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BRING: a notebook and pen, one or two personal items for their altar -- something comforting to them and a reminder of their beautiful precious life.

    PARTICIPANTS WILL BE SUPPLIED WITH: a memorial altar, pillow, eye cushion, blanket, mat for laying on, candle

    OTHER INFO: masks are not mandatory during this ceremony but they are appreciated and welcomed

    ACCESSIBILITY: the temple space is located up one flight of stairs at the rock store. we begin seated on a cushion before laying down. if you need accessibility assistance, we would be happy to accommodate - please contact us.

    SCENTS: natural scent is used during the meditation


    EVENT POLICY: This event is NONREFUNDABLE for any reason.

    Although we understand life situations, health and family emergencies do arise that can inhibit attendance, please understand we allocate resources to make these services available to the community and have therefore chosen policies to reflect our investments and efforts to make these services available. As a result this offering is nonrefundable for for any reason. There are also no transfers to additional dates. Thank you in advance for understanding and for respecting the livelihood of our practitioners and small business offerings.