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  • Kyanite Large
  • Kyanite Large

Kyanite Large

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    Aligns the chakras automatically. It brings a calming  effect focusing on the throat and the third eye. Dispels anger and frustration leaving a clear mind as it harmonizes yin- yang energies. It does not need cleansing because it does not retain negativity. Enhances meditation. Creates inner bridges and connections between ideas and helps bridge mental gaps. Good for the nervous system. An intuition stone that directs a lot of energy. 

    This Specimen below is the specimen you will be receiving so there is only 1 in stock. 

    Weight: 1297 grams
    It is approximately 8 inches long and is a combination of kyanite and Mica. 

    Kyanite is brittle and should not be submerged in water or salt.