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    Imbolc marks the important point on the Great Wheel. This rite marks the greater Sabbat of Imbolc, a cross quarter day, and the day of the Goddess Brigid. Imbloc, which means “in the belly” is the festival of waxing light. In the cycle of the Goddess, she shapeshifts from the hag that entered into spirit at Yule, conceives herself a new and mysteriously emerges at Brigid in the form of a young girl dressed in white. This is the greatest of women’s mysteries, demonstrating the eternal and ever changing nature of the Goddess who never dies, analogous to the transition from the waning dark moon to the waxing cresent moon in the sky each lunar month. The mystery within you is to know when is the moment that you die and are reborn again in this cycle.

    This is the Rite of Brigid, the first light that sparks in the pregnant belly of the Goddess. We celebrate and energetically prepare for birth as the Goddess Moves through us from the Dark period of the Void in True Death to the moment that there is conception in the belly. We come to a crossroads with the 1st new moon of the year just passed on the 27th  and the opportunity for renewal, the waxing moon and sun bring. 

    Therefore we birth again our cycle in the Darkness of the Womb and birth forward our energetic statement of our Surrender to our Craft and connection to the Goddess. In this ritual, we invite Once again the light to return and the initiations commence as women of the Great wheel. This ritual is an initiation into the Goddess Circle we create and the energies we surrender to within us for the coming times. This rite is a declaration of your spiritual journey and focus for the year. 

    This will be a very special rite for us as it will initiates the COVEN into our New Location on the 1st day of Open February 1st, a perfect day to honour a new space with the power of women who gather to rebirth the Goddess in their lives. 

    FEBRUARY 1ST, 2017 8:00PM

    Cost: $70 + HST
    Women only
    Lead by Lady Samantha of TCOTM
    3rd Degree High Priestess in the Runic Tradition of Norse Witchcraft

    Cancellation Policy: Rituals Tickets are nonrefundable for any reason due to limited space. Please add your name to the wait list if we are sold out.

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