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  • Grape Agate Specimen #3

Grape Agate Specimen #3

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     Grape Agate is a rare form of purple Chalcedony from Indonesia. It comes in a variety of purple hues. Colours range from dark to light with potential for some to have green  in them as well. 

    Grape Agate is used to enhance intuition. It increases psychic ability and allows the crown and the third eye to work together. Use during meditation to facilitate opening the third eye and for "seeing" exercises. It is also a useful stone for dreams. Placed by the bed, grape agate can facilitate memory of one's dreams and its message and how it relates to your current life lessons. Also a great stone for astral travelling. 

    This is the exact specimen you will be receiving.

    Disclaimer: Working with crystals and stones is a spiritual practice and we cannot guarantee any stone will have an impact on the individual's physical or mental health. We can not make any guarantee or claim that crystals and stones will have physical impacts on the body or illnesses. This is a personal practice of connecting to the Earth through their energies and should not be a substitute for traditional medicine.