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  • Erongo Aquamarine
  • Erongo Aquamarine
  • Erongo Aquamarine

Erongo Aquamarine

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    The stone of the ocean, water and the nurturing sounds of love. It is a stone of courage that helps to express the truth through the spoken word. Can protect during water travel and journeys. Inspired creativity and expels anxiety or restlessness. An excellent stone for singers. 

    Can connect you to Aphrodite, Venus, and triton. 

    This magnificent pieces is a naturally formed aquamarine specimen. Aquamarine is from the beryl family of crystals.

    Location of Origin: Erongo, Nambia.
    Size: 3 inches approx
    Weight: 56 grams 

    Love Recipe 1: Pair Aquamarine with Chrysoprase, Morganite and Clear Quartz.