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  • Tourmaline - Black Raw (XL)

Tourmaline - Black Raw (XL)

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    Offers a strong protective field that deflects harmful energies (spirits) and spells, deflects radiation. Increases physical vitality, emotional stability and intelligence. Keeps ones spirit uplifted and grounded in any situation.

    Sold Individually. 

    These raw black tourmaline chunk sized pieces are approximately 2 - 4" and roughly between 100-200 grams. Many of the black tourmaline pieces have mica laced through out them which is common for tourmaline found in the Brazil. 

    **Please note that due to the nature of our products each piece is unique and therefore varies in shape and size.  Our sizing of the stones are close approximations.

    Protection Recipe: Pair Black Tourmaline with Pyrite and Clear Quartz, but also Witches Armour.