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Copy of CA 102: Apr 9th, 2016

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    In the second instalment in this series, we will examine more thoroughly the fundamentals of why crystals work in relation to our chakras and the elements and introduce topics such as elixirs and infusions, crystal grids and arrays, and crystal geometries.

    Completion of Crystal Awakenings 101
    It takes 3 weeks to complete 101 homework


    CA101: Saturday, March 5th 11-4 PM 
    CA102: Saturday, April 9th 12-4 PM
    CA103: Saturday, April 30th 12-4 PM
    CA104: Saturday, May 28th 12-4 PM
    CA105: Saturday, July 9th 12-5 PM

    Certificate Awarded with Successful Completion of CA101-105 

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