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Witches Wand Black Mongolian Quartz - small

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    Also known as the "The Witches Wand". 

    A very dark smokey quartz which is formed with natural earth irradiation. A magical, protective and grounding stone with the ability to direct will power. Enables us to move through our shadow work and lessons that arise. Great for Spell Work and is also considered a "singing crystal"; when knocked together they produce a high pitches "singing" sound. 

    Please note, all the wands are slightly different, as they are naturally formed. Please allow variance. 

    Weight: 50-69 grams 
    Size: 4-6 inches approximately. 

    Origin: Mongolia
    These stones have natural dirt still stuck on them from their mined location. They can be scrubbed off. We loved it so much we decided to leave it as it and up to the witch. 

    Grounding Recipe: Pair Smokey Quartz with Hematite and Black Obsidian.
    Warrior Recipe: Pyrite, Witches Wand, Clear Quartz Point, Malachite + Sage