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Abundance Grid Sept 13 - 27

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    Come and join us this September to align, attune, and clear your abundance channels that connect you to the abundance life you deserve to lead. The Universe wants to bestow gifts upon you! You are deserving and generous! The grid enables a resetting of the abundant gears in your life and a resurge of Jupiter's awesome massive power with regards to His generosity. 

    This crystal grid connects us deep into the harvest period of the year, the time when the Earth abundantly produces the fruits, grains, and seeds that its inhabitants store through the winter. By connecting to this time, we connect to the riches of the Earth and the wealth within our own lives. This crystal grid treatment involves a gifted chant and intention instructions to carry the energy set in the grid into your life. 

    Come and lie amidst 100s of crystals while Reiki, Aromatherapy, and the sacred geometry of the crystal grid align, attune, and activate your connection to the fruit of your life, taking charge in this expansionary phase during the harvest period of the wheel of the year. 

    September 13th - 27th, 2018
    60 min treatment -  $105 + HST
    90 min treatment  - $145 + HST 

    Please note: All Crystal Grids must be prepaid in advance at time of booking. 

    For Grids prepurchased below, please allow 24 - 48 hours before we contact you via email to set up an appointment. Alternatively, you can pay in store on day of your session. 

    Crystal Grid Policy: Please allow 24 Hours notice for Cancellation in respect of our Pracitioners's time. Please note, that we may not have any other available booking time if the session is towards the end of the schedule. Failure to adhere to our policy may forfeit your crystal grid payment. There is NO refund on prepaid crystal grids.