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6 inch Brass Singing Bowl

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    Since the ancient times of Nepal and Tibet, Singing Bowls were used by Buddhist monks for music, prayer, and meditation. The rich and harmonic sounds are believed to possess holistic healing qualities and the energetic vibrations soothes listeners into calm and relaxation.

    Today, Tibetan instruments are used by sound therapists, yoga instructors, school teachers, and health professionals as tools for activating higher brain function, calming the nervous system, and relaxing the mind.

    These Singing Bowls are unique handmade crafts made in Nepal through authentic traditional methods. The art of making singing bowls is often called a lost art and they are one of the longest made traditional objects still being made today. Their fine craftsmanship and remarkable sound makes them highly prized and collected worldwide.

    It is our recommendation that cleaning crystals with sound is the best method. 

    Stick Included ~ Retails for $14