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Womb Healing

The wombs of women are the cradles of all human life. There is a deep energetic connection between the wombs and the hearts of women and I believe that it is the ‘bowl’ that holds all of what we as women transform for ourselves, our ancestors and for the planet. Over the years through both my professional and personal life experiences I have come to the awareness that our wombs never cease to hold and give life. The purpose of the womb is to contain, nurture and grow our life force. However through its nature of containment, it becomes the place where destructive energies are stored as well. Traumas, fears, abuse of various kinds, pollutants, and unresolved ancestral patterns will live there, leading to physical illness, infertility, emotional and energy blockages. This pattern occurs whether our womb is present within our physical body or has been removed, as the energy of the organ always remains. My work with women in this area is directed towards energetically and spiritually bringing to light what they have suppressed deep within themselves and are ready to release. Through intuition and energy work I aim to clear away the blockages and facilitate the opening of this sacred place into its full creative potential, and prepare it as the space of divine incarnation of other beings to come through with spiritual integrity. Support is also given with direction of herbal and nutritional remedies that aid in healing. Our wombs hold both our personal and collective story, it is time to heal.

What to expect during a Womb Healing treatment

Each Womb Healing session combines Spiritual Counselling and Reiki/Energy work with special attention paid to your womb. We work together to bring to light what you are ready to clear from within, and I support you over the course of treatments move through the emotional and spiritual healing that this work brings.

Cost of Treatments:

Initial Appointment: $150 + HST (2 hour apt)
Single Session: $100 + HST (1 hour apt)
Package of 3: $280 + HST
Package of 6: $560 + HST

Initial apts are not included in package

Nicole Angela also offers Reiki Treatments:  $100 + HST