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Reiki & Crystal Healing

Our Reiki practitioners at The Rock Store have all been attuned in the Gendai Reiki Ryoho System. It is our belief that Reiki permeates the spiritual, physical, energetic and emotional body. Reiki Practitioners invite Reiki to flow into the client and support them in that moment of opening in a safe space. We are committed to supporting the journey that Reiki encourages in ourselves and others of surrendering to our personal truths and experiencing our lessons and joys in this life.

Reiki & Crystal Healing

Reiki is soul-conditioned energy. It stems from the highest dimension and fills the Universal as pure light, transmitting love, light and harmony. The Reiki practitioner enables this flow of Reiki to exist between the Universe, the practitioner and the client during a session, to radiate the harmony and love of Reiki throughout.

What you can expect in a Reiki session?

Each Reiki treatment is an individualized experience and cannot be duplicated. Reiki reorganizes, clears, releases, expands, liquefies and the list goes on. It goes where it is needed for the harmony and restoration of balance to occur. The belief of the Gendai system is the more Reiki is received by the client, the more the client returns to the Truth, the core self is revealed. Therefore, the experiences of the client can range between bliss, relaxation, contentment, and joy. However, sometimes the opposite can be experienced as well. As we heal, expand and release, we bring to the surface that which is buried and thus, as these energies clear, a re-experience of them can be felt. This is part of the healing process of growth. Therefore there is no guaranteed sensation or experience within a Reiki session. The guarantee lies in the client’s Spirit being filled with the light of the Universe, in order to align with the soul consciousness and core self and healing at all levels along this journey now in this 3rd dimensional body.

What is Crystal Therapy in the Reiki Treatment?

Here at The Rock Store, we are deeply connected to the Earth upon which we are entrusted a 3rd dimensional body. We are here to heal in this body. Reiki brings us into deeper alignment with the full spectrum of Light, and increased awareness to our current reincarnation on this Earth. Therefore, we use Crystals Intuitively in treatment space to honour our connectedness to the magnificent healers accessible to us from deep within the Earth, in all their splendor and abilities. Through resonance, they enable the client to be supported by the Mother with her gifts. They do not alter or take away from the experience of Reiki.

1 hour session $95 + HST
Packages: 3 sessions $265+HST ( save $20) 5 sessions $425+HST ( save $50) 10 sessions $800 + HST (save $150)

Please note: Reiki packages are nonrefundable and nontransferable

Please call 416 516 2191 to book
Email rocks@therockstore.ca

Discounted STUDENT Reiki

Our Gendai Reiki Students at The Rock Store must complete a certain number of in store treatments in their training. For those who are interested in having a treatment by one of our Okuden ( Level 2 ) students, please inquire at the store 416 516 2191 or email rocks@therockstore.ca.

60 mins $45 + HST