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Qi Gong Therapy

Qi Gong Therapy is one of the oldest branches of traditional chinese medicine. Using a hands on energetic healing system as well as mental, physical and breathing concentration techniques, Qi Gong focuses on the cultivation of Life Force energy (Qi) to maintain a state of health and wellness.

What is Medical Qi Gong Therapy?

The oldest form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, medical qi gong therapy has its roots in the Wu Yi shamanism of China, Mongolia and Siberia dating back 10000 years. A medical qi gong doctor treats the body’s energy systems (qi meridians) and viscera. Techniques include purging, tonifying, moving qi, invigorating organs and working with spiritual entities to assist the body’s ability to remain in homeostasis.

What to Expect from a Treatment:

A Medical Qi Gong treatment can be quite a moving experience. Clients tend to leave feeling lighter and experience physical realignment of their musculoskeletal system.

An initial appointment begins with an intuitive treatment followed by a discussion to confirm the root cause of the issue. Various techniques such as: qi emission, sound therapy, invisible or stone needle technique, qi massage and body re-alignment techniques are applied to the body during the work. The practitioner may then prescribe various qi movement exercises to be performed at home for a specific amount of time as well as changes in diet or lifestyle habits. This gives the power of healing back to the client so that they may take responsibility for their own healing as well as understand more deeply the concept of qi, or life force energy, and how it moves through and one’s body causing harmony or disease.

Why is it Effective?

I am passionate about working with clients that take their healing seriously. Medical Qi Gong Therapy goes directly to the physical and spiritual root of a disease. Because of this there is no ‘band-aid’ approach to the therapy where one feels good briefly, however needs to continue to rely on the practitioner for that feeling. We will work together to dislodge and permanently remove the aspects that are hindering your wellness and growth and give you the tools to heal yourself. — Deslee

*Initial Consult 120 mins: $180 + HST*
*1 session 60 mins: $125 + HST*
*4 sessions Pkg: $460 + HST* _save $40
*8 session Pkg: $880 + HST* _save $120

Initial apts are not included in packages