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Holistic Nutrition

Why See A Holistic Nutritionist?

The way we eat is directly connected to how we feel physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The food we choose to fuel our bodies forms the structure of our cells.  These choices are also the basis of our intentions for our health and our life. 
Holistic Nutrition looks at the body as a whole system, understanding that everything is connected.  It looks at your internal systems, lifestyle, stress level and personal goals to help empower you to feel your best.

How Can A Nutritionist Help?

Each person’s body is different and has unique needs in terms of the amount of food and which food they need.  A nutritionist focuses on using whole foods closest to their natural state to bring balance and healing to the body from the inside out.

This can help with digestive issues, weight loss, hormone imbalances, skin problems, anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, mental clarity, grounding, and much more.

We will work together to find the balance that is the best fit for your lifestyle and intentions for your health. 
To schedule an initial assessment, contact Emily at emily@therockstore.ca.

Nutrition Consults

Initial Assessment:  $150 +HST  60-90 minutes
In this consult you will set intentions for your journey with food, and complete an assessment to determine which body systems may be out of alignment.  Together we will determine the initial steps needed to get you on track towards your goals.  This includes meal ideas, supplement recommendations (if necessary), lifestyle tips and the support you need to achieve your goals.

Follow Up Appointments$80 +HST each, 30-45 minutes

$200 + HST for a package of 3 follow ups (used within 3 months).

Each time we meet we will reassess the steps we are taking- what is working, what isn’t, what we can add on- and continue to build towards a more vibrant life!