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Duration: 12 classes, 2.5 hours each

This intensive experiential 12 week course focuses primarily on cards II to X of the Minor Arcana. The symbolic, elemental, numerological, and energetic aspects of each card are examined, and the cards are applied to everyday situations. An overview of the Court Cards and the Major Arcana is also included. The philosophy behind this Tarot course is based on the belief that every person holds the answers to questions that arise during their life journey. By tapping into the subconscious anyone is able to receive the messages and lessons that are appropriate at the time.

You will receive a certificate upon completion of this intensive experiential course. You will start reading cards from the very first class!. You will receive the notes from missed classes and Jayne is available to meet you before the class to answer questions. Detailed notes are provided.

JAYNE MARIE has been reading Tarot professionally for over 15 years and has been successfully teaching Tarot for four years.

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Mondays, June 19th, 2017 start time 7-9:30 pm for 12 Weeks 
Cost: $525/12 Weeks paid in full by 1st class
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