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  • Sacred 23 "Auralite" Lasers
  • Sacred 23 "Auralite" Lasers

Sacred 23 "Auralite" Lasers

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    This stone is a gateway to the intergalactic information highway of our ancient sacred geometric roots. It acts as a portal to expand consciousness to that which we have derived from the cosmic sense of everything in totality. It links us to our origins of the universe in the sacred simplicity and and emulates expansion in all areas of life. Its cosmic orgasm and Divine ecstasy supporting the merge of the divine in spirit human form. It is as it began and how it shall be. It affects the DNA structure to reorganize, reopen, recalibrate us for the new waves and ancient rites of our star families

    This Type of Amethyst has been tested to have 23 mineral inclusions. When cut open, many of the points had sacred geometric key hole shapes at the centre of the crystal. 

    Quantity 3 Available. All similar in weight. 

    Weight: 305 grams
    Length: 5.5 - 7Inches
    Location: Canada