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Join us for a treatment dedicated to love and the heart as we invite awareness, openness and love while healing our vulnerability around how we give and receive love in our lives. Lie there while reiki is applied and you are guided through a journey to clear the energy in your life that has allowed an imbalance around emotional supports and needs.  

Reiki is soul force causal energy. It stems from the highest dimension of universal light. This hands on healing technique can affect the spiritual, emotional, energetic, and physical body in an individualized experience. Each Session involves a laying on of Crystals.

60 mins $110 + HST
90 mins $150 + HST

Available all February & March.  
Sessions must be prepaid in advance
Cannot be combined with other packages. 

When booking please click on the right link and practitioner. 

To book, purchase the session in advance and click on the SCHEDULE THE SESSION link below. Your order number will be required to book. 

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