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Moon Time and Fertility

Traditionally, the Moon Time is a time of deep reflection and cleansing for a woman of child bearing age. This was a time when women withdrew from daily responsibilities in order to tune into their natural intuitive sides. Dream, vision and craft work were the focus during this time. It is deep within the darkness of the womb, that the spark of creativity ignites within us the inspiration to birth a new existence individually and collectively.

What is the concept?

With the rise of modern civilization, we women have lost our connection to the monthly lunar cycle. The tools we use today to ‘deal’ with our periods such as tampons and artificial hormones are in effect hindering us from respecting what are bodies are telling us. The rise in fertility issues among couples is one of the side effects of this dis-connect.

How to Reconnect?

Women will be educated on the various phases of their menstrual cycle as well as be guided to make changes within their daily lives to synchronize to each stage. Other techniques may be necessary in order to facilitate balance such as hands on energetic therapy, warming the womb techniques, working with particular plant spirits/essences and various ceremonial practices. Sessions will work closely with a woman's natural cycle with rest during her Moon Time where no outside work is done, however inner work at home will be prescribed. These sessions may last one to three months depending on the depth of work that is required to balance oneself.

Women Empowering Women:

The rise of the Feminine aspect and the growth of interest in ‘Women’s Medicine” these days is an area I feel very connected to. Coming from a very athletic background, I was quite out of touch with my menstrual cycle as it was seen as a nuisance to my training. Over the years I have had the opportunity to learn from various women healers as they balanced my menstrual cycle. I now see the importance of connecting the spiritual aspect of menstruation to one’s fertility health and have seen proven results in practice.

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